Upgrading your kitchen is an exciting proposition for many Middle Tennesseans homeowners, its not only adds value to their home,  it also gives an added sense of pride and accomplishment to them. Here are the 7 Things that you should consider when purchasing granite countertops

 1. Granite is a natural product

Granite countertops is a natural stone with a timeless beauty and appeal. It is a natural product cut from slabs in granite quarries and you may find that granite has a variety in its color range and also it is worth to shop around or contact our professionals to find your best color match.

granite countertop

2. Granite is extremely hard wearing

Granite is a very dense rock that makes granite the ideal option for kitchen countertops, granite can be highly polished and will provide the aesthetics you are looking for in a modern kitchen.  It provides the perfect surface for chopping vegetables and meats and food preparation in general.

 3. Granite can be porous

Granite is  porous stone some granite slabs are prone to being porous and absorbent. Under normal circumstances, this should not cause a problem because all granite is sealed professionally with a clear lacquer. However, keep in mind your granite countertops need to be sealed every 5 years to maintain the granites lustre. However, some granite is so dense in its formation it never needs sealing. Check with us for the best product for your needs.


4. Cleaning granite countertops

To keep granite countertops in the best condition possible the purchaser should adhere to the cleaning and maintenance instructions. Bleach’s and scourers and other harsh chemical cleaners can cause irreparable damage to the granite countertops. Cleaning granite is simple; you just need a warm mild detergent solution and a cloth. The sealed granite will clean off grease marks and cooking debris with easy using this cleaning method.

 5. Granite is heavy, choose the correct thickness

If your kitchen area has a wooden floor you need to be confident that the floor can support the additional weight of a heavy granite countertop. Wow!

In addition, when choosing a granite countertop to choose the correct thickness, choose a granite thickness of approximately 1 inch or 25 millimetres.

This will provide edge stability and prevent premature chips to the edge of the countertop. Choosing thin cut granite could eventually cause the granite to crack you should have any flexibility in its support, such as an unstable kitchen cabinet or a floor that flexes. With thick granite countertops, you can be confident that the granite will not crack with slight flexing of the supports.

6. Granite is durable

Granite has its heat resistant properties make granite the perfect choice for kitchen counterops.  The scratch-resistant properties of granite are second to none and will provide years of durability in the kitchen.

7. Installation

Finding a professional installation crew for your new granite countertop is very important to the final outcome of the look of your kitchen.  Most granite countertops are cut and prepared off-site and should be ready for accurate installation in your home when the granite arrives. Whether you are using granite surface material for your kitchen or bathroom, it is a must to work with a professional to save your time and costs.

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