When it comes to designing your home, there are three basic areas that can really make or break its value. These are the living room, kitchen, and bathroom. And since we’re talking about cabinets, the bathroom is one of those areas that needs a great cabinetry.

Choosing cabinets for your bathroom doesn’t only need to be beautiful but also very useful, and of course materials used must made to resist water since it is placed inside the bathroom area.

Checklist for Bathroom Cabinets

  • All the materials that you will be using with your bathroom cabinetry must be waterproof.

Your bathroom can get foggy, flooded, and of course wet, and because of this, it is a smart move to choose materials that will not warp or damage when getting contact into moist and water. Were specifically talking about the wood, paint, and handles.

  • Choose the strongest materials available in the market.

Investing money with high quality and heavy duty materials is a bit costly, but in the long run, you will appreciate the decision you made since these materials can last for years, or even a lifetime if maintained perfectly. Solid wood last longer than any other type of wood.

Solid wood is the number one choice for bathroom cabinetry, oak and maple wood can deal with bathroom temperature, most especially when sealed and painted properly. When it comes to design, solid wood is the classic one. Plywood can also be used for bathroom cabinets. Unlike the natural wood, plywood does not expand much. This type of wood is a way cheaper than the solid wood, but it can last for years.

  • Know the difference between solid wood, plywood, and MDF. MDF or medium density fiberboard is made from compressed wood, which can stand to moisture than any other materials. MDF cabinets are the cheapest in the market right now because unlike the solid wood and plywood, it can’t resist substantial contact with water. This type of wood is easy to paint but hard to repair.

Whatever type of wood you’ll choose for your bathroom cabinet, make sure to have proper ventilation inside the area so the humidity can escape and won’t damage your cabinetry.

Best Cabinet Designs for Bathroom


  1. Inset Cabinets

This cabinet is a bit pricey since the frame is cut with laser-sharp precision to create a perfect fit in the wall. But they are undeniably beautiful and expert in presenting craftsmanship. This type of cabinet is very traditional and can be found in transitional home styles. Inset cabinets works well with subway backsplashes.

  1. Metal Style Cabinets

If you’re aiming for a retro, industrial, or modern look bathroom, it’s better to choose metal design cabinets. A metal style cabinetry for bathroom works well with marble backsplashes.

  1. Basic Wood Style Cabinets

Wood cabinets are easy to find and gives a very classic design and the bathroom. Applying your own choice wood stain color can give a luxurious and decent look to this type of cabinet. This type of wood cabinetry for bathroom goes well with ceramic backsplashes.