Are you choosing the perfect edge for your countertop?

When you choose to renovate your home and invest in natural stone kitchen countertops the decisions can sometimes seems endless. Firstly, we will give you some tips when choosing the best edge for your countertop .

Visual appeal is an important consideration when choosing any kitchen countertop for your home but when it comes to choosing a natural stone countertop until selecting its edges, there are lot of choices to be made than initially thought.

Focus on the detail

Once the big decisions have been made for color and design, it’s time to get down to choosing the detail of your countertops. The details of choosing the right edges for your countertop can make your kitchen countertops pop in terms of beauty and function.

There are a number of standard edge designs that suit most kitchen countertops from clean lines to safety.  It’s never a great idea to have perfectly squared edges despite the appealing aesthetics for clean-lined Scandinavian style kitchens.

Perfectly squared edges are prone to chipping and can be sharp and dangerous particularly if you have a young family.

SetNstone professionals highly recommends beveling countertops to provide the best functionality for your countertop.


How many edge designs are available?

Countertop edge designs can be bespoke to your countertop. However, there are a number of standard edge designs that SetNStone experts recommends.

  • Eased edge countertops. An eased countertop looks great in most installations; the eased countertop is a beveled top edge of 45 degrees that enhances the clean lines of the countertop. It’s easy to clean and has a timeless appearance.
  • Laminated edge designs. Laminated edge designs refer to an extended edge that is adhered to the underside of the edge giving the appearance of a much thicker countertop.
  • Chamfered edges. The chamfered edge is an extended 45-degree angle; the edge offers great reflective light properties and is very functional when it comes to cleaning.
  • Pencil round edges. The pencil round edge is a semi radius edge that softens the lines of the countertop. It is super functional. Easy to clean and eliminates chipping in most cases. From a safety aspect, the pencil edge is a perfect choice for families with young children.
  • Half bullnose. The half bullnose edge is a very popular choice with homeowners; the half bullnose is a 180-degree radius edge that softens the countertop appearance. It provides functionality and safety. The bullnose is pleasing to the eye and enhances the overall appearance of the countertop.
  • Dupont edge. The Dupont edge is a laminated edge that offers clean lines and functionality at the same time. The edges are not sharp to prevent chipping and offer safety. The Dupont edge provides sleek lines for the modernistic style kitchen or the contemporary kitchen design.
  • Bullnose edge. The bullnose edge is a little more intricate in its design. The bullnose edge provides the homeowner with a designed edge that enhances the appearance of the natural stone countertop. It is both functional and timeless in terms of design.

Countertop edging

The subtle difference between the edgings of your new countertop can enhance the overall appearance of your kitchen and provide you with the safety and functionality of your chosen design. Some edges reflect illumination, be it natural or artificial.

Other edges are providing the homeowner with a softer more tactile experience of the natural stone.

Choosing the best edge for your countertop doesn’t need to be difficult. Here in SetNstone we offer lot of designs and edge profiles that we are happy to discuss with you. Get in touch with us now!