You might be in the process of picking the design of your new kitchen cabinet or merely remodeling the old one. One of the dilemmas which you may be caught in between is to what cabinet colors you are going to choose. Well, it generally depends on the overall theme of your kitchen or of your home. First and foremost, you must be sure that it complements the overall vibe of your home. In this article, allow me to share with you the top trendy and hit cabinet colors when it comes to choosing the perfect kitchen cabinet colors.

1. Dove and White                                                                                                        dove and white kitchen

Nothing could ever go wrong with the dove and white colors! The color and vibe it brings are merely heavenly and peacefully satisfying! The only possible setback of this combined color palette is that it might be quite prone to stains and grease. But if you know that you are useful in cleaning those spots, then going for this color is always a good idea.

2. Blue and White

Choosing the perfect color for your kitchen cabinets with blue while having a generally white background will give everyone the impression that it is a Santorini-themed vibe. Aside from it looks clean and fresh in the eyes, it also provides the summer vibe an impact.

3. Wood and Glass                                                                                                       counter-top_59     

Choosing your design cabinets in wood and making the top fixtures as made up of glass is nothing but pure sophistication and elegance. This decent and high-class choice of color will give your home a formal and high-end vibe. Most importantly, you must be careful if you have toddlers with you since they might spend some playtime near the glass fixtures.

4. Navy and White

The combined color palette and light and dark play a casual vibe in your kitchen. In using these colors, it gives the impression that the kitchen is always busy and on the go!

5. Green and White

Of course, coloring your kitchen cabinets as green and white will create a tropical vibe in your kitchen. Through this, a refreshed vision and perspective is developed. The perfect display of fruits on the counter or anywhere near the cabinets will also add to the overall aesthetic beauty of the kitchen.

6. Gray and White

A much chick and sleek vibe? Then gray and white is the perfect combination. Though this may be quite difficult to clean just like the dove and white palette, giving it a shot and making sure it is clean always will make it look pristine at its best.

7. Blue and Gray

The combined dark and light color just like this one are a good idea if you would like to give your cabinets the appeal of inclusivity and privacy. It creates a vibe of “personalization,” making it high in different modular kitchen cabinets.

8. Cream and Gray

Both light colors combined for cabinets? Yes! This is a good idea. Just be patient in maintaining the cleanliness of this color palette, and I am pretty sure that you will enjoy its clean and sleep vibe for a long time!

9. Sky Blue and White

Heavenly theme and at the same time refreshing combined colors of sky blue and white surely gives the impression that the home is welcoming. It is refreshing enough to invite people, and it is stylish enough to make anyone appreciate such combined palette.

10. Blue and Yellow

The boldest and daring colors, blue and yellow will bring out the best lively and vibrant colors of your home. A combined playful and bright personality of the settlers as owners is displayed in this color combination.

Choosing which cabinet colors that fits your kitchen should never be a difficult task. You must make up your mind and decide which one your heart desires. Lastly, try to be creative and playful at the same time. Good luck!