When you decide to remodel your kitchen there are two main factors to consider. First, selecting the color of the natural stone of the countertop then selecting the cabinets. Let us teach you how to complement countertops and cabinets in your kitchen.

Today we will learn how to pair our countertops and cabinets to create a kitchen with style and timeless appeal.

Most homeowners have a picture in their mind when it comes to the design criteria of the kitchen. However, when realizing the vast array of color choices for countertops the original design become less clear.

Choosing complimenting colors

Choosing the color of your countertops and cabinets is subjective as we are all different and have different design ideas that will complement and enhance our homes.

As a rule, you choose the countertops first before deciding on cabinet style and color.  The reason for choosing the countertop first is because the countertop is the most visible aspect of your new kitchen.

Another general rule that professional kitchen designer’s use is that there should be a main focal point to the kitchen design. For example, use dark tone countertops with lighter color cabinets. The dark tone natural stone countertop will be the main focal point and complimented by the lighter cabinets.


This is a tried and tested way of marrying countertops and cabinets together to achieve classic or modern clean lines.

Deciding on cabinets that are functional and appealing to the eye

If you have chosen your beautiful countertop, it’s time to consider the cabinets. There are considerations when choosing the cabinets for your new kitchen. A good place to start is the functionality of the cabinets.

Storage is a key factor when remodeling your kitchen and it’s the opportunity to get the storage that is needed for all of your kitchen items.

Pro Tip: There are many innovative storage gadgets now available for you to maximize the storage space for your new cabinets and most importantly they are inexpensive and amazingly simple.


Choosing the color and appearance of cabinets

Again, this is a crucial element in the design of your kitchen or bath and it’s important to take the time and make the correct choice for your own style and the style of your home.

You may wish to have a classic kitchen design with warm unobtrusive mid colors that would pair perfectly with natural wood cabinets like oak.

Many homeowners opt for the clean modern lines that have been in fashion since the 60’s and in themselves have become classical in their appearance.

Your remodeled kitchen will be making a statement about your personality and aspirations in life. So, making the correct choice is important. Hopefully, you will live with this kitchen for a very long time and it will be a source of pride for you to enjoy.

Selecting the cabinet furniture

When I say furniture, I am referring to the handles and knobs that can transform the appearance of any kitchen. However, there will be some restrictions that will be evident such as using classic farmhouse style handles on a modern cabinet, clearly a complete mismatch.

There is an enormous choice to select from that can define your cabinets and really make your kitchen feel bespoke and exclusive.

Choosing the cabinets and cabinet furniture is not as difficult as it sounds. Your countertops are the main focal point in most cases, and you will normally gravitate to the cabinet that best suits the countertop and appliances in your home.

Are you planning to build your dream home soon? Or, are you currently renovating your old kitchen and bath? Which countertop material and cabinet design do you want to have in your home? We’d love to hear your insights! Get in touch with us.