When you remodel your kitchens or bathrooms often the backsplash is an afterthought, the reality it  is not only a functional and essential kitchen or bathroom item it is also a statement piece.

Statement pieces say so much about you, and you can easily project your personality through carefully selected backsplashes. Some of it are almost suitable to be hung in an art gallery. That is why today, we will explain to you why you shouldn’t let your backsplash be an afterthought.

Backsplashes are fitted after countertops and cabinets, this allows the homeowner to spend more time deliberating over a complementing style. It can build more ambiance to your  kitchen or bathroom.

Backsplashes don’t necessarily need to mirror the countertop;

Select the best material for your backsplash project   


Backsplashes are available in a wide range of material options such as whole piece natural rock like granite or marble through to individual tiles made from various materials.

Ultimately you will want your backsplash to complement the countertops and the décor and style of your home.

Choose functionality wherever possible

Your backsplash needs to be functional and when I say functional I mean easy to wipe clean without polishing to remove streaks that are always evident in the light of day.

If you are an avid home cook then consider using glossy flat surfaces, these surfaces are always the easiest to keep clean from cooking debris. These surfaces will maintain the longevity of your backsplash.

When you decided to use natural stone for your backsplash, sealed in the same manner as the countertop.

Get creative

Many homeowners relish the opportunity to be creative and really show off their individuality and flair, the backsplash is the perfect area for inspirational design setting for your kitchen and bath

There are literally thousands of kitchen backsplash designs to be researched online, if further inspiration is needed, consult our Set N Stone experts.

If your home is ultra-modern and minimalistic you will find it easy to continue the theme with it. The range of products that offer clean lines to match a modern home is vast.


Installing backsplashes can be a quick process; It can perfectly achieve by using specialist adhesives. Furthermore, these adhesives allow for slight movement of the backsplash by the installer while maintaining the adhesive integrity at the same time. Lastly, it needs to be measured precisely.