Color and pattern blending makes every interior design stylish and catchy. Even though it is possible to buy every colors of kitchen cabinets in the market or different types of backsplash tile on depots, you still need to make smart decisions in pairing them. Let’s explore how to pair cabinet and backsplash for kitchen today.

Now, let’s see what color and type of kitchen cabinet will compliment your kitchen backsplash. And what are the possible colors and designs of backsplash that can go with your chosen or existing cabinets at home. In some point, you need enough reading and ideas to visualize your own design for your kitchen – and always consult with a designer.

Cabinets for Kitchen                                                               kitchen-cabinet-backsplash                                 

  1. Louvered Cabinets

This classic style of cabinetry for kitchen come with horizontal wooden slats, which leaves spaces in each. These spaces give ventilation inside the cabinet, so food with required storing temperature can be stored safely.

Backsplash design for Louvered cabinets

Cleaned-lined contemporary backsplashes with warm colors is the best pair with your louvered cabinets.

  1. Shaker Cabinets

This tends to be the most common style of cabinets today. The shaker style cabinet consists of give pieces of flat-panel, creating a frame and a recessed center panel. This cabinet goes well with white paint giving it a more classic and lean look. Shaker cabinets usually made from high-quality wood found in north-eastern United States, but now available in different countries.

Backsplash design for Shaker Cabinets

Backsplash tiles that goes with patterns are the best pair for shaker cabinets. Since this type of cabinet has nothing much to offer when it comes to detailed designs. If your shaker cabinet is in color of white, any color of patterned backsplashes will work.

  1. Flat-Panel Cabinets

One of the most kitchen cabinet designs today is the flat-panel of slab cabinets. They are the simplest yet very stylish design of cabinets in this era, since many people wants a house with minimalist design. The doors are really flat and there is no visible frame on its edges, and sometime handles are also hidden on the sides where you cannot notice it easily. Flat-panel cabinets usually come in color of white, gray, and other wood colors.

Backsplash design for Flat-Panel Cabinets

Gray and white ceramic tiles, as well as marbles backsplashes are great combination for flat-panel cabinets. In fact, this type of cabinet is very flexible when pairing with different types and styles of backsplashes. So the perfect backsplash pair for it will be easy to find and designed.

  1. Beadboard

If you’ve seen kitchen cabinets made with compressed vertical planks and has an indention or ridges, it’s definitely and beadboard. If you want a stylish textured cabinet together with backsplash in your kitchen, this is the perfect design pick for you. Beadboard cabinets are usually seen on country farm house kitchen and this design is now revived with new colors – not just the old wood varnish color before.

Subway Horizontal Tiles

Subway tiles for kitchen backsplashes are the best pair for beadboard cabinets, since this type of tiles gives a country farm house look for a kitchen. Another way it is a great combination is because they have opposite line design. The beadboard has vertical wood placement, while subway tiles are placed horizontally.