It may sound a little strange to describe one of the planets most abundant natural rocks as elegant but when you when you take a closer look at the variety of kitchen countertops that can be produced from quartz you will be truly amazed. Let’s discover the elegance of quartz countertops today!

Quartz in its natural form is an unobtrusive and often dull stone that would go unnoticed. However, with a lot of hard work and know how quartz can be transformed to reveal it true beauty.

Why choose quartz for your countertops?

This is an important question to ask. If we take a step back and look at the evolution of the modern kitchen say over the past three decades you will notice that the once coveted marble and granite countertops have become ubiquitous in the modern home.

This has happened for one good reason. Marble and granite countertops look great as countertops in the kitchen. They are functional and pretty much meet the needs of every homeowner.

However, discerning homeowners often look for exclusivity; this is where quartz countertops make an undeniable statement.

Quartz countertops provide homeowners with a product that looks fantastic and durable while being truly exclusive in its design and appearance.

Engineered countertops

Yes you read it right. Quartz is an engineered product that is manufactured to a very precise specification. Although quartz is a natural product and found in abundance it is rarely found in large enough pieces that could be worked into slabs for the manufacturing of countertops.

If you could find quartz in slabs it would be very difficult to cut. Quartz is one of the hardest natural rocks found in the planet. Engineering quartz requires specialized tools and a lot of know how.

How will a quartz countertop perform in the kitchen?

Quartz is one the hardest materials known to man.It is scratch resistant, heat resistant and completely impervious. Quartz will never stain, never chip and will always look like the day you purchased the product.

Quartz does not require any type of sealant for long term maintenance of the countertop. You could describe quartz as the all-around super hero of the countertop world.

How can and engineered countertop bring exclusivity to my home?

Engineered quartz countertops bring a customized look into your home. During the manufacturing process other rocks and even glass can be added to the quartz mix to vary to appearance of the finished product. However, quartz alone sparkles and is an attractive material.

The really cool thing about quartz countertops is the variety of colors available to the homeowner. The color palate of quartz kitchen countertops allows the homeowner to almost have a bespoke feeling to their kitchen.

Homeowners can choose from masculine dark colors or softer feminine tones or anything in between to fit the homeowners design criteria.

How about the cost?

Undeniably quartz countertops are more expensive to purchase than other natural stone products. However, if the homeowner takes a long term view of purchasing quartz countertops then the costs can be balanced.

For example, quartz countertops need no maintenance other than cleaning; no expensive sealants to keep the surfaces looking great, once it’s installed in your home there are no other costs in the future.

What price can be put on beauty and excellence when building your dream kitchen that will last a life time?

Are you planning to build your dream home soon? Or, are you currently renovating your old kitchen & bath? Which countertop material do you want to have in your home? We’d love to hear your insights. Get in touch with us.