Remodeling our kitchen or choosing the style for our kitchen means there are critical decisions to be made. Are you making the best use of your countertop in your home?

We all know that choosing the surface material for our countertops provides our kitchen an elegant look that serve us  a hard-wearing beautiful service for decades. Making the best use of your countertop is a must, let’s learn it today!

However, there are some other considerations when designing the kitchen with our countertops.

Function and Elegance

One should really understand how to get the most function from their natural stone countertops to provide you the maximum working area and durability of the product.

Most countertops are constrained by the dimensions of  kitchen cabinets. Cabinets that are custom factory-made invariably are made to the standard sizes found in kitchens throughout the world. The standard cabinet is commonly 600mm carcasses, fixed with stone countertops that needs to be cut to provide the correct overhang of the countertop.

Maximize your working area to your design                  countertop functionality                                                  

Kitchen companies always talks about the functionality of the countertop particularly the space needed to prepare food and cook without the feeling of being in a cramped tight area.

If you are fortunate to have a bespoke kitchen then there is some leeway to have larger countertops giving extra depth. These countertops are useful for Islands or breakfast bars.

Rarely do we find kitchen countertops that are one-piece linear design; most kitchens have the constraints of walls that force the homeowner to design the kitchen around right-angle corners.

This is fine and the normal situation for kitchen countertop fitters. It’s worth pointing out that to get the aesthetics of our kitchen we need to consult a professional kitchen fitter. Natural stone requires precise measurements and requires special tools for cutting and trimming.

Some homeowners tries to DIY doing it which is not advisable specially if your not a professional. I recommend to speak with the experts who can advise on the best solution for your kitchen.

Backsplashes, practical and eye-catching

Fitting natural stone countertops is investment, and also it is wiser to consider the same material for your backsplash.

A backsplash installed from the same natural stone as the countertops will add glamour to the kitchen and a feeling of richness.

Lastly, it provides a functional barrier from preventing splashes from cooking pots and washing area.