Are you thinking of building a new house with modern and luxurious kitchen design? Or you just want to make some pretty upgrades on your existing kitchen and bathroom? Well, it’s a nice idea to make your home much more glamorous than before, and selecting your kitchen backsplash color can make it possible for you.

Kitchen and bathroom have one thing in common, both of these areas need a touch of mesmerizing backsplash. Having a plain colored wall between your upper cabinets and countertops can be so boring. The functionality and appeal must come together. So today, we are sharing some tips on how to select the best backsplash colors for your kitchen wall.


Pastel Colors

This era is full of pastel colors, and it is favorably used in multiple decoration materials for home. Pastel color tiles such as pastel blue, green, grey, and yellow are being used to give a softer and brighter touch on the kitchen area. These types of colors are also used to give space wider and cleaner look. If you have white upper cabinets, better to use pastel colors to give some exposure countertop and cabinets.

Wood Colors    counter-top_45

Woody color backsplash with matte finish is also one of the modern choices for kitchen backsplashes. This type of color brings a decent and fancy look for every kitchen. Usually, it complements the color of floor tiles used in the kitchen, and it is the right way of choosing wood color backsplash for kitchen. If you would notice luxurious designed kitchens, the color of the tiles used for backsplash is nearly the same with the floor tiles. This only means that blending is very much important when choosing backsplash colors for kitchen.

White and Gray

Kitchen backsplash color of white or gray are usually in the form of subway tiles. If you have upper cabinets with brown or dark tone color finish, white subway tiles will be a great choice. If your countertop has a light color and your upper cabinets are white, better use gray subway tile to expose the gap in between the upper cabinet and the countertop. White and gray are two of the most popular colors for home designs today, from paint, decorations, furniture, and tiles – all can be white and gray.

Most people choose colors based on their personality, and not on what is necessary. But believe it or not there are techniques to bind functionality, appeal, and personality all in one in just a single choice of color. Backsplashes colors really means a lot in making any type of kitchen look cleaner, wider, and of course beautiful. If you have a small kitchen space, better have light colors for your kitchen’s backsplash. Giving some enhancements to your kitchen with the use of backsplashes can bring a modern and elegant look inside your home – without spending too much money.