Remodeling your kitchen can be a daunting task if you have never undertaken a project of this scale. But, with some thought and considerations and realistic expectations you can create the kitchen of your dreams for a realistic budget.

Designing your kitchen

Kitchen design has become an art form over the years, so start with the basic concept of the kitchen layout. The layout of your new kitchen will be defined by two factors: space and budget.  Working with a kitchen design company like Set N Stone Countertops, will provide you a dedicated team of professionals and a kitchen design planner that can produce detailed images of your remodeled kitchen. It is important to have your remodeled kitchen drawn out in detail to verify the vision of your new kitchen.

Budget and contingency plan

Now you have your remodeled kitchen designed. It’s time to look at the budget. From experience, it is best to design your kitchen first and then refer back to your budget. Budgeting can be stressful particularly if you have limited funds available. However, there are some considerations that may lead you to stretch your budget. Remodeling your kitchen will add value to your home, so try to get the most for your budget.

Kitchen design will inevitably lead to some variations that may not have been considered in the initial budget such as additional power outlets, new plumbing, lighting and so on. Often these elements of the kitchen remodel are not included in the budget. Have a realistic contingency plan to cover unforeseen expenses when undertaking a remodeling project.


Choosing a contractor

It is a must to engage with a contractor to complete the remodeling work for your kitchen, not just to save you time and money, but it will absolutely exempt you from tons of mistakes and error. Your kitchen remodel is likely to be a major investment in your home, so it’s important to work with the best contractor for the job . If you are working with a kitchen designed company, check their portfolio of work undertaken by the contractor accompanied by references from clients.