In this era, stylish backsplash makes a major impact on any bathroom design. But this is not just about style because this backsplash can protect walls made from wood or drywall against moisture and mold.

Yes, Bathroom backsplash is not just for wall in between the cabinet and the sink, this can also be placed in the entire wall along the bath tub. Backsplashes add color, texture, and visual interest in a bathroom, the fact that its design is relaxing – the embellishment must be good. There are several types of backsplashes you can use for your bathroom

Types of Tile Materials for Bathroom                               

  1. Ceramic Tile

This type of tiles is widely use because of its quality and affordability. Easy to customize and make styles based on the owner’s preferences – a flexible type of tile.

  1. Carrera Marble Tile

If it’s about elegance for a cheap price, Carrera marble are the best type of tile you can use for bathroom backsplash. Marble backsplashes needs to wipe promptly, since dirt and stain will be visible due to its smooth and shiny surface.

  1. Mosaic Tile

This type of tile can be used in kitchen, bathroom and even in swimming pools. They have been very fashionable for some time now because they are always used in swimming pools and bathroom, which usually come in shades of blue. If you want to add some spark on your bathroom, better use mosaic tiles.

  1. Glass Tile

If you want to have a luminous effect in your bathroom, try using glass tiles. It is a type of tile that requires minimal maintenance and has a very nice reflection, especially when there is light. This tile is water resistant, which is really meant for bathroom backsplash.

  1. Metallic Tile

This type of tile is usually seen in 5-star hotel bathrooms and favored by men. It gives a masculine and luxurious feeling inside the bathroom, though it’s not only limited for man cave bathrooms. If you’re into metallic tones of colors, better use this type of tile. This can blend on both dark and light colored walls.

Before buying tiles or materials for making a backsplash in your bathroom, be sure that you know the type of tiles that you need or want. Backsplashes maintenance depends on the type of tiles your contractor use. Some requires to be wiped promptly and year sealing, while others requires minimal time and effort to maintain or clean. Backsplashes color and texture must also blend with the color of your wall, sink, and cabinets.