Decades ago floor tiles were pretty much the domain of kitchen and bathrooms, and to be honest a lot of homeowners still think this way, but the truth is floor tiles have come a long way over the past decades.

Getting that fresh look for your home can often mean more than a coat of new paint on the walls. If your floor surfaces are looking tired or jaded then it’s the perfect opportunity for you to make a statement for your home. Floor tiles looks fantastic in just about every conceivable living environment, there is an array of designs from the classic floor tile ranges through to edgy designs that complement the most modern home.

Getting started

The best advice is to clear your mind of design concepts, unless you have a very traditional style of home with matching furniture, the choice of floor tiles to choose from is almost endless.

Consider what type of foot traffic your floor tiles is likely to see, if you have children running in and out of the home from the garden select a floor tile with a finish that offers grip and a little friction to prevent slips and slides.

Once you have selected the floor tile for your home choose your laying patterns, you don’t always have to stick to the conventional grid pattern for laying floor tiles.

What materials will be available?

Traditionally ceramic tiles have been used in kitchens and bathrooms for the ease of cleaning and preventing spills from being absorbed into the floor.

Ceramic floor tiles have come a long way in terms of design and durability. Back in the day, it has a plain gloss finish that overtime got chipped and scratched and soon looked worn.

However, the modern range of ceramic tile designs is enormous, not only is there a seemingly endless ranges to choose from in design but, the finishes are equally as impressive.

Modern ceramic floor tiles can now be used in every room of the house; It can imitate natural wood with warm subtle color hues that even to the experienced eye would cause a second look.


Are ceramic floor tiles the only option in floor tiling?

If you really want that prestigious sumptuous feeling and appearance then natural stone is the way the go. With so many shades of natural stone it’s easy to find the floor tile that will give your floors a timeless appearance.

Marble and granite tiles have been used for centuries as the perfect choice for flooring, the look and grandeur is the perfect statement in some homes. Here in Set N Stone you can request to move away the standard tile size and get its exclusivity.


Floor tile installation is a profession and as such the best results always come from a professional installer. While it may look easy and simple to install they can be very tricky particularly when it comes to cutting the tile precisely.

Your tile installer will use professional tools and adhesives to install the tiles giving you years of hard wearing floor surfaces.